the difference is…

During a recent trip to Rome, I visited a local food market where food vendors and purveyors were showcasing their wares. From  delicate biscotti to an array of tomatoes, then onto a selection of freshly caught fish and then a display of unique charcuterie, the market was full of delicious options for one to prepare a fantastic meal. The energy in the market was contagious and I couldn’t wait to buy a few goodies for myself. Going to the fresh food market in Italy is a ritual for individuals and families. It is a way of life that is embraced by all. From the little old lady selling eggs to the man behind the charcuterie counter, everyone is exchanging smiles and friendly banter as they make their purchases.

Farmers’ markets and the larger city food markets are just beginning to catch on in this country and we need to support them and enjoy the unique selection of food that is offered for sale. It’s fresher and tastes better than anything you can buy in a large commercial grocery store and it’s a great way to meet your local food purveyors and other members in your community. When someone asks me what the difference is between an Italian food market and our farmers’ markets, I hope to soon say… nothing!

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