food on four wheels…

This past weekend, I ventured out to the Boston SOWA Market in search of foodtrucks. The SOWA Market combines artisans with farmers, specialty food purveyors and foodtrucks in an easily accessible location in the South End. What absolutely amazed me was that the majority of the crowd was hanging out with the foodtrucks. It was sweltering hot, humidity level was high and there were queues for hot food!

The Go Fish truck was serving  a variety of fish items majority of them hot. Hot dogs are always popular,  so the Trolley Dogs cart had a constant line up of fans. The Bon Me truck was serving up Vietnamese delights for a loyal following and the grilled cheese sandwiches from Grilled Cheese Nation were an obvious hit, but on a hot summer day? Amazing. Personally, I was seeking out the Froyo Truck for some refreshing frozen yogurt or a cold Italian ice, but most people were looking for lunch.

Boston is a great city and although not a trend setter like L.A. it slowly catches the wave of what LA has to offer. Foodtrucks are a popular new way to grab a bite to eat without breaking the bank and it’s social! They are fun, the food selection is creative, as well as healthy (most of the time) and most importantly, people would like to see more of them! Hopefully, there will be caravan of  “food on four wheels” parked on the numerous streets of Beantown in the future.

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