red or yellow…

We are half-way through summer and the produce at the local farmstands is
bursting with variety. The peas and strawberries have passed and now we are into serious, summer bounty. There are green beans and yellow beans, skinny japanese eggplant and italian eggplants, white eggplants and purple eggplants, lettuce of all leaf variety, herbs galore, corn bi-color and yellow, carrots that are orange and purple, green and purple cabbage, and then there are… the melons!

On a recent visit to Hutchins, I grabbed 3 varieties of cantaloupe and 2 watermelons. I love the watermelons early in the season because they are these wonderful little, round, variegated green melons and one would never know from the outside, that on the inside, there can be a difference in color. Once cracked open, you can find either red or yellow flesh. Most people associate watermelons with having that delightful, pinkish red flesh, but yellow? Do you really want to have a yellow watermelon at your traditional summer BBQ?

Well I do! I have to say that I think the yellow variety is delicious! It’s flesh is a perfect, lemon yellow. The little, black seeds peer out to twinkle at you and seem to say, “don’t mind us, just dig in.” So as I bite into the flesh of this beautiful yellow melon, the juice refreshes me and the fruit is wonderfully sweet. The flavor is summer sensational! I look over at the slices of red watermelon and think, “you’ve got competition.”

So I bite into the pinkish red watermelon glaring at me and wonder if I will actually taste a difference. Well, I think there is. The traditional red watermelon is also sweet, but not quite as juicy. It too has little black seeds peering out at you, but they are a tad more subdued. The flesh seems to be not quite as firm and actually borders on being mealy in a few areas. However, isn’t watermelon, watermelon, no matter what color it is?

I’m having second thoughts.

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