fresh food this time of year? sure!

On Sunday January 15th, bright sunshine beamed down on the Broadway station escalator as I made my way above ground and reached in my pocket for directions to the SoWa Winter Farmer’s Market. Located indoors at 485 Harrison Ave., the SoWa Market helps us brave the cold winter months by offering fresh, local food products every Sunday from 10am-3pm.

Wandering through the stands, I sampled offerings from the local bakery When Pigs Fly and learned about the grass fed sheep from the John Crow Farm. As many of the booths offered preserves, canned goods, and other winter-friendly items, the fresh mushrooms from Shady Oaks Organics stood out. Located in Newburyport, MA, Shady Oaks Organics uses 100% organic inputs and cultivation methods to produce specialty mushrooms. Grown in an environmentally-friendly greenhouse with locally sourced organic wheat straw, these gourmet mushrooms are available fresh year round. This morning, I took a couple minutes to photograph yeterday’s pickings–grey dove oyster mushrooms–and tonight I’ll take Shady Oaks’ suggestion and cook them up with some fresh pasta.

Be sure to check our Farmers’ Market Listings to plan your next food adventure.

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