fresh maine shrimp, winter’s hidden gem…

Looking for a new addition to your winter menu? Try fresh Maine shrimp! Known for their delicate, sweet flavor, pinkish-red color, and exceptionally small size, Maine shrimp make an exceptional addition to any salad or pasta dish. Unlike other common varieties of shrimp, these little guys spend their entire lives on the Gulf of Maine and do not migrate. In contrast to the imported farm shrimp at your local grocery store, Maine shrimp are environmentally sustainable because they are harvested by local fishmongers in Maine, and they are often much tastier, due to their freshness. Weighing in at about 50 shrimp per pound, Maine shrimp are so tiny they barely need any cooking time—usually between 50 seconds and 1.5 minute. Some people even like them raw…

Want to try some out for yourself? Check our listings for fishmongers near you. The typical season for Maine shrimp is between December and April (now!).

Need recipe ideas? Try The Original Maine Shrimp Cookbook , a collection of 70 recipes made in conjunction with the creation of the first-ever Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) project in 2007.

Curious about the harvesting process? Check out the recent controversy surrounding the 2012 Maine shrimp season. According to the Washington Post,  shrimp fishermen’s catch limit was recently reduced from 13 million pounds to 4.4 million pounds…so try them while you still can!

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