50 hours of local pickins at the Austin trucks…

The first in a series of belly filling posts!

On assignment for Local Pickins we set off on an adventure to scope out local food in Austin. Packing major appetites and pledging to follow a no-holds-barred commitment to eating, we were going to taste our way through the city and eat 24/7!

On the prowl for good food truck eats from the moment we drove out of the airport into the blue sky 70 degree day, the first stop was Mueller Trailer Eatery at the old airport hanger. Having been up since 3:30 am, seriously famished, and always craving fusion flavors, we were drawn first to Fresh Off the Truck.


While snacking at a picnic table in the sun, we sampled from other trailers. MMMpanada delivered a vegetarian delight with it’s spinach, mushroom and pine nut empanada with a killer lemon garlic dipping sauce. The scent of grilling mushrooms sent us off in the direction of the yellow Short Bus Subs where a big, juicy portabella sandwich called The Hot Teacher on a fresh baked roll would satisfy even the hungriest belly. Over at the old 1950 Studebaker truck, Elixer’s locally roasted, fresh dripped Fara coffee jump-started the rest of our afternoon.

Dinner time took us over to 6th and Waller to the East Side Fillin’ Station food trailer court to sample from the trucks over there. A deep fried avocado from Fire and Soul was the perfect accompaniment to our beers at Cheer Up Charlies. The enticing prep scents from Me So Hungry wafted near our table, but sadly their shutter remained closed.

We test drove two styles of pizza, thick and chewy Detroit-style square pizza from VIA 313 and a thinner, crispy version from Spartan Pizza, and gave both high marks.

A trip to Austin’s East Side meant we had to visit the expanding fleet of East Side King  trucks, so after our early dinner settled, we headed over to the Grackle to taste the celebrated cooking of James Beard 2012 award winner Paul Qui. The ESK didn’t disappoint. Every bite of the Ssam with katsu pork and kimchi, and of the grilled romaine salad glazed with sweet chili miso was savored! 

Taking a brief (but badly needed) respite to enjoy an authentic Austin night out, it was time to eat again. Following our late-night compass for a sugary delight, we followed the lead of many before us to Gourdough’s extra-long Airstream trailer. These ridiculously good, wildly addictive donuts became a mini obsession during our 50 hours in Austin. The made-to-order, just-out-of-the cooker donut has a light crunch, and warm, fluffy center. Our first, The Dirty Berry, was covered in chocolate frosting and topped with grilled strawberries. To describe the fulfillment of this decadent donut is all but impossible.

With happy bellies, it was time to retire from our eating extravaganza.  But not for long!  Breakfast found us returning the next day.  Munching a tasty egg and chorizo taco from Mellizoz Tacos, and pre-ordering our lunch of a New England worthy lobster roll from Dock n Roll, we had to belly up to the Airstream for another round of donuts. We feasted on two cream-cheese frosted versions, the Funky Monkey topped off with grilled bananas and brown sugar, and the Miss Shortcake with fresh cut strawberries. Swoon-worthy!  Gourdough’s we will dream about you until we meet again!

From mobile eats to cheesemongers heaven, check back for our next post on Antonelli’s Cheese Shop.

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