whoopie here, whoopie there? whoopie, whoopie everywhere!

Lately, it’s starting to warm up outside, the sun is showing its bright face, and summer feels like it’s just around the corner. So, dear reader, what sweet treat will you be enjoying on your next picnic or barbeque? Until things get a tad warmer, we’ve got our eyes on the whoopie pie – you know the treat, right? Vanilla icing sandwiched between two pieces of chocolate cake, ready to be devoured on the go…

What’s more? This sweetie pie is so delicious that several states have fought to claim its chocolaty goodness as their own! Maine, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire all claim to be the birthplace of the good old whoopie pie. As you may guess, there are many competing stories…

In Lancaster County, PA, the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention & Bureau claim the whoopee pie was the handiwork of Amish women who slipped the treats into their husbands’ lunch pails…a slight of hand that often elicited a loud “Whoopie!!” when lunch time rolled around. Though Maine’s got a lot going for it – lobsters, blueberries, and the like – the state’s still put up a strong fight, claiming the pie is a tradition that dates back to 1925! However, they can’t seem to prove it because the alleged birth place, Labadie’s Bakery, burned down in a fire many years ago…

According to the Wall Street Journal, the two states actually have slightly different recipes, so maybe they don’t have to be in competition after all: Maine’s got a marshmallow-y filling and PA whips out a creamy vanilla-icing filling. Even so, when Maine tried to make the whoopie pie their state dessert in 2011, Pennsylvania rallied and called it “confectionary larceny.”

So, what do you think? Where do you think the pie originated and which do you think is the better version? Perhaps you agree with food historian, Nancy Griffin, who claims the treat originated in an entirely different location, or perhaps you don’t care as long as we lead you to the best whoopie pies in the nation….

Got your interest (or appetite) peaked? Check out the largest ever whoopie pie, the two greatest whoopie pie festivals in PA and ME, and our listings for a whoopie pie purveyor near you, like Seascoast Baking Company or The Whoopie Pie Company!

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