Farmer’s Market Friday’s: Simple Maple Syrup Facts with Jack!

I recently headed to the Winchester Farmers’ Market on a radiant sunny Saturday, looking for that certain foodie something to win me over. Located on a church green in the center of town made this market easy to locate with my Local Pickins app. Parking was convenient and arriving mid morning, just after opening hours, made my cruising and perusing purveyors, crowd free. This market is definitely a family affair: kids, dogs, parents, grandparents, singles, couples and chefs seem to frequent this market and all with good reason. The purveyors in attendance, offer all the elements that one might need to execute any satisfying and healthy meal.

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 11.05.43 AM

One generally attends a farmers’ market to take in all of the vibrant and beautifully laidout products, hoping to find that special something for dinner. Many people share stories of the fresh, tasty goods that they purchase from a market, but it’s less often that we hear about the purveyors themselves. The farmers, the bakers, fish mongers or other individuals, all of whom are trying to entice you to buy their unparalleled product. The sellers come from near and far, in all shapes and sizes, and different age brackets.  Some are owners and some are worker bees, and if you’re lucky, you’ll meet one excited to engage you in a conversation about the freshness of their produce, its seasonal variety or possibly the labor involved in making their goodie.


As I wandered along the outlying perimeter of the Winchester Farmer’s Market, my eyes feasted upon the ingredients perfect for orchestrating a leisurely Sunday breakfast the following day. Freshly laid brown eggs from Copicut Farms – where I also procured some free range, pasture fed chicken breasts – and brown sugar sausage patties from Lilac Hedge Farm had me all pumped up for my Sunday ritual. However the “pièce di résistance” of the morning was discovering a young, fair-haired purveyor, a tad more knowledgable and passionate, than anyone else I met, about the product he was marketing. Which was: beautifully bottled (from Italy) golden brown syrup from Ledgenear Farm in Vermont. Simple maple syrup facts with Jack wowed and educated me on a New England staple that I can’t live without – genuine maple syrup.

It is with great pleasure to introduce…Simple Maple Syrup Facts with Jack!

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