Food Truck Friday: Yumtown

You Have Arrived at Your Destination: Yumtown, USA

While many food trucks offer a well (or uniquely) done version of a single style of food, such is not the case for one Yumtown, Food Truck and Catering. These guys offer dishes with real variety, everything “from southern American comfort food to spicy Asian flavor profiles,” and that’s just what I got. I ordered two very different sandwiches from their menu during my visit: the Joy and the Tofu Banh Mi.

The Joy
The Joy

The Joy is not your typical southern-style barbeque on a bun. Instead, pickled jalapeños and vinegary red cabbage slaw offer some serious bite, and crunch, to compliment the tender, sweet, and juicy beer braised pulled pork. To top it all off, it’s served on a a buttery challah bun slathered with smooth aioli.

The Bahn Mi
The Bahn Mi

Next up, the Banh Mi. For those who have never had a Banh Mi, it’s a Vietnamese sandwich that usually includes some type of pork, cilantro, and fresh or pickled veggies such as cucumber, carrot, and daikon. Most important, these sandwiches are always served on a baguette. Occasionally these sandwiches are served with tofu in place of pork, and, choosing this route, Yumtown has done it just right with a well-fried, but not over-dried portion of tofu. The carrots, cucumbers, and cilantro were deliciously fresh and crunchy, but I did miss the flavor of pickled veggies. However, Yumtown more then made up for this absence by picking out the perfect baguette: soft on the inside and delicately crunchy on the outside (so it doesn’t scratch the roof of your mouth!).

The Menu
The Menu

On previous trips to Yumtown I’ve also devoured some of their more breakfasty options, like their surprisingly extravagant egg sandwiches or unexpected and savory hash. No matter what, the masterminds behind Yumtown always have exciting new menu options inspired by seasonal goodies they gather from places like Common Market, Green Meadow Farm, and Breakaway Farms.

Yumtown drove into Philly’s food truck scene in the fall of 2011, conceived of by Andrew Tantisunthorn and Lanie Belmont. Their original truck sits at the corner of Norris and 13th right in the heart of Temple University’s campus and, as a recently enrolled graduate student of Temple, nothing could be more exciting than the prospect of being just a few blocks away from The Joy and the Tofu Banh Mi. I know in the coming years I’ll be chowing down on Yumtown without hesitation. My first encounter with this food truck was during one of its many appearances at the Clark Park Farmer’s Market, where they truly fit right in among the plethora of fresh local produce. And finally, a new location is coming soon! I was told to keep an eye out for Yumtown parked in the Fishtown area in the months ahead. Regardless of the location you choose to visit, the food will certainly transport you right to Yumtown, USA.

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