The Decadent “Dossant”

We don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a craze going on. An unusually delicious craze, centered around a decadent hybrid of the good old American staple doughnut and the refined French croissant (an essential part of any complete petite dejeuner!) Traditionally, making doughnuts has been a relatively straight-forward operation: combine flour, butter, milk eggs, yeast, and deep fry ’til done. Crossiants, meanwhile, are a delicate combination butter, flour, milk and yeast, and are the product of meticulous preparation: beginning with a simple dough that must be folded and rolled, folded and rolled, again and again, in order to achieve a light, flakey end product, which is then baked. Fried or baked, both doughs do take time, with delicious results. But what happens when you combine the two? Bakeries all over the country are intent on finding out the answer to this question, inspired by New York’s Dominique Ansel and his wildly popular, and now trademarked, ‘Cronut’.


Local Pickins, curious about this new delight, headed over to Boston’s Sportello, where on Thursday mornings you may be one of the lucky few to arrive early enough to purchase a “dossant” before the morning supply has vanished. We purchased 3 dossants, and could barely hold ourselves back from taking a sneaky bite before we returned to the office. A peek inside our box revealed 3 reasonably sized – not too big, not too little – round confections, iced with a soft, thin, chocolate glaze and drizzled with a zig-zag of vanilla. Practically jittering with anticipation, we took this breakfast delight to our wide open mouths for a first bite.

The Dossant: Up Close & Personal
The Dossant: Up Close & Personal

Our verdict: Incredible, lightly layered dough tasting of butter, a surprise pop of crème anglaise type pastry cream, and a subtle flavor of mild, milk chocolate. We stood looking at each other with happily stunned expressions, superlative adjectives oozing from our mouths – incredible, magnificent, unsurpassable, heavenly, OMG this is the best darn thing I have ever tasted. Ultimately, three simple words summed up the dossant perfectly: decadent, yet elegant. The Boston Cream Pie dossant: We salute you!

Inside the Dossant!
Inside the Dossant!

The chef behind this morning masterpiece? Who else but the renowned Barbara Lynch could have created this pièce de résistance – an over the top, take it one step further, so it’s that much better delicacy- a dossant. Even the pickiest Parisian might approve!

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