Marczyk Fine Foods Does Deli Right

With culinary behemoths like Steuben’s and Watercourse dishing up the city’s best eats on a daily basis, Denver’s uptown strip of 17th Avenue between Park Avenue and Broadway is not an easy neighborhood for just any grocer to call home.

But Marczyk Fine Foods—with its carefully curated shelves of artisanal products, and its commitment to providing Denverites with quality meat—has made itself a neighborhood staple for all things specialty: from wines to meats to cheeses.


Quality meat is where Marczyk really shines though. According to its Web site, the grocer is the only store in Colorado to carry all-natural, humane and sustainable Niman Ranch products exclusively.


The Marczyk Roast Beef from the store’s deli is also a neighborhood favorite. Between two layers of Jewish rye fresh from the in-house bakery sits a hunk of beautiful, Niman Ranch beef that is also roasted on-site. The classic deli-style sandwich is topped with arugula and rounded out with a market-made horseradish mayo.


On the day I visited, an employee behind the vast deli counter added that customers appreciate not only the fresh taste of Marczyk’s luncheon meats but the fact that the roast beef is nitrate-free, as are most meats sold in the store. Sodium nitrate is a preservative added to some processed lunchmeats, and has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease.


Locals also gravitate towards the breads baked daily in-house that range from simple baguettes to fun varieties like cheddar jalapeno.

And if something’s not made on the premises, it’s likely sourced from a local vendor selling the best of both sweet and savory along the Front Range. Marczyk even compiled a comprehensive list of its favorite vendors to buy from in Colorado that I have not seen matched by other area grocers.

In a city like Denver where celebrity eateries are rare—save for maybe Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality—Marczyk has lured even rock legends like David Byrne to enjoy its bounty of wine, salad, and fresh peaches post-soundcheck.

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