Food Truck Fridays: Pennypackers

At Local Pickins, we’re always excited about enjoying a bite out at a local food truck. Recently, we visited the Pennypackers truck in South Boston, at its unique location in the Seaport area of Boston, at the corner of Tide Street and Northern Avenue down near the Design Center. This area is essentially void of unique dining experiences, so Pennypackers has a monopoly on the lunch crowd. Their truck is parked off the road on a perfect section of payment that has a few park benches, allowing one to sit down to wait for one’s order and to enjoy one’s meal.

Pennypackers is known for their porchetta sandwich, and this delicious prospect had us hungry as we headed to Boston on a misty Friday morning. Due to the dreary weather conditions, we were some of the only customers in line for lunch, and Pennypacker’s variety of warm soup options caught our eye. We briefly considered ordering the delicious sounding Celery Root and Apple Soup or the more traditional Tomato and Basil, but the lure of two particular sandwiches led us in the direction of more substantial sustinence.

The Taleggio
The Taleggio: Up Close and Personal!

The vegetarian picker ordered the Taleggio, a delightful sandwich composed of Taleggio cheese, roasted grapes (we didn’t know that one could roast grapes!), olives, red onion and fresh greens. Each bite was better than the last and the combination of flavors managed to be both comforting and refreshing. The creamy cheese brought together the sometimes, bitter flavor of the briny olives with the soft honeyed grapes, and the amazingly fresh ciabatta bread was the crowing glory on what proved to be a wonderful and unusual sandwich.

The Porchetta
The Porchetta

The meat loving picker ordered the famous Porchetta sandwich. Full disclosure: we were blown away, and we just might have fallen completely in love with this sandwich. Imagine slices of pork shoulder, rolled in a herb mixture of garlic, crushed juniper berries, rosemary and fennel, then wrapped in pork belly and slow roasted, covered in a small blanket of fresh arugula sprinkled with a tad of lemon juice. Each bite contained both crisp pork belly and flavorful moist pork, as well as the thin blanket of herb mash. This sandwich a masterpiece!

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