Fresh Fruit Fridays: Fall Apple Picking

It’s a simple truth: New Englanders love apple picking. Maybe it’s because the Pilgrims planted the first United States apple tree in the Massachusetts Bay colony, so we feel a strong connection to the fruit or maybe it’s because we just want to be outside as much as possible before winter arrives. Whatever the reason, I was thrilled to take my Mom and Grandmother to Russell Orchards on a perfect fall New England day for my first apple picking experience.

We were excited as soon as we arrived because of all the beauty, and cute animals surrounding us.


SceneryAfter a quick stop to pay the $3.00 entrance fee (which later went towards what we owed for the apples) we set out with bags provided by the farm to pick some of these apple varieties.

AppleVarietiesI never figured out what a slow apple was. Are there fast apples too??

SlowApplesThe adorableness of these pigs was quite the sight! Based on their uncanny position, I named them Yin and Yang.

YinYangPigsAfter a short walk we finally arrived at the orchards. We wandered the rows a bit to see which varieties appealed to us the most, then went to plucking the fruit from the trees. Much of our apple picking time was spent dreaming up all the ways we would cook them.


We walked out of that orchard with 20 pounds of apples, or 2 pecks! Perhaps we got a little carried away.

We then took in some more of the scenery and spent time visiting with other animals. Check out that fall beauty!

FoliageA visit to Russell Orchards is not complete without a trip through their charming store for fresh cider donuts and apple cider.


It was truly a treat to spend an afternoon at the Orchard.


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