Favorite Food Fridays: Brooklyn Babycakes

Most foodies have a favorite place – that bakery, food truck, or gelateria that you crave as a celebratory indulgence on your best days, as edible solace on your worst days, and as a daily treat on, well, every other day. If you’re lucky, your treasured spot is conveniently located somewhere along the path of your daily travels, accessible to help start your day off right, end it on the perfect note or….both. For this Brooklyn, New York residing local picker, Brooklyn Babycakes easily takes the title of favorite bakery, number one destination for a morning, midday, or evening treat, guaranteed bad-day reverser, everything else in between; sometimes more than once per day. The cheerfully decorated shop is located in Brooklyn’s historic Bed-Stuy Neighborhood, where tree-lined streets and beautiful brownstone apartment buildings are the norm. The excuse to stroll through Bedstuy only adds the the pleasure of a trip to Babycakes. Moral of the story: If preferring cupcakes to donuts, cronuts, and basically every other dessert is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right. Brooklyn Babycakes hits the spot every time.

A Vanilla Cupcake with Berry Frosting
A Vanilla Cupcake with Berry Frosting
Whimsical Wall Decorations
Whimsical Wall Decorations
Passionfruit and Lemon
Passionfruit and Lemon Mini-Cupcakes
Chocolate with Berry Frosting
Chocolate with Berry Frosting

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