CSA Share: What’s not to love?

As summer enters into full swing, my family dinners begin to showcase each week’s jackpot of the freshest, local greens and veggies I choose from my CSA share at Appleton Farms. My weekly 10 minute drive is something I look forward to each Monday or Tuesday when I meet my friend who I “share the share” with and we fill a shopping bag with our choice of what’s in the barn that week.


This week, the bins are filled with an amazing array of greens including kale, several red & green lettuce varieties, arugula, salad mix, and bok choy along with radishes, salad turnips, kohlrabi, scallions, and more. The enormous heads of lettuce are perfectly crisp and fresh and I’m already looking forward to tonight’s salad.


My ears perk up when I hear a fellow shareholder describe the mildly spicy flavor that raw kohlrabi adds to a salad, so I add both a purple and green variety to our bag. Learning new ways to cook familiar veggies and discovering new ones is high on my favorite things list.

After filling our bag with greens providing us with a week of salads, we check the blackboard for what’s available to pick in the fields, another of my favorite things about my Appleton CSA. It’s the height of strawberry picking and now the rows of snap peas and shelling peas are open for picking. The strawberry fields are filled with young kids crouched in the hunt for perfect berries and they gleam with delight at their sweet flavor. We join right in and start sharing recipe ideas but also confess the reality that we both will devour them on the drive home.


On our way back to the barn, we stop in one last field to pick our share of flowers. There’s a limit on the amount of stems for this week, but I delight in putting together a small bouquet that brightens my breakfast table for the week. With each week, the flower choices expand and a weekly bouquet is the icing on the cake to my weekly share.

Food blogs are our favorite way to explore new recipes and we found five great ways to prepare kohlrabi at The Kitchn, and a beautiful strawberry-raspberry crostata at Joy the Baker.


Find CSA Farms near you on Local Pickins. Don’t see your favorite CSA in our list? Send us an email and we’ll happily add it.


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