Tasty Food Truck Bites For Under $6? Absolutely!

The popularity of food truck gastronomy is exploding across the country. Their purpose? To offer in a quick and easy manner, deliciously prepared, affordable food on site, made with local fresh ingredients, for the consumer to ingest wherever their heart may desire. In the office, on a bench, standing up, sitting down, outside or inside, people are flocking to food trucks for convenience and tasty bites. Being a recent college grad, and surviving on a limited budget, I recently decided to stroll the streets of Boston to see what tempting morsels were within my $6.00 price range. Disappointed? I was not!

01. Momogoose
Crispy rolls – $4

02. Bon Me
Sandwich with Coconut Braised Chicken (A slightly sweet and savory pulled chicken on a toasted baguette. Stuffed with pickled carrots and daikon, house made pork pate, house made spicy mayo, cucumbers, red onion, and cilantro) – $6


03. Makin’ Jamaican
Beef Jamaican patty (A flaky pastry made of flour filled with spicey ground beef) – $2.50 and Coco bread (made from flour and coconut milk) – $2.50foodtruck06foodtruck07

04. Cookie Monstah
The Salty Dog: Salted Caramel cookies with totally turtle (Vanilla ice cream with caramel, cashews, and brownie) – $5foodtruck10bfoodtruck12b

05. The Coffee Trike
Latte made with coffee from The George Howell Coffee Company in Acton, MA and milk from Mapleline Farm in Hadley, MA. – $4

06. Clover
Chickpea Fritter Sandwich (Fried falafel, homemade hummus, cucumber tomato salad, pickled carrots, onions, and red cabbage enclosed in a whole wheat pita with a drizzle of tahini sauce on top)- $5


07. Fugu
Steamed Buns filled with double braised pork belly and char sou sauce (chinese bbq) – $6foodtruck15foodtruck14

08. The Dining Car
Crispy Cauliflower (Fresh florets tossed with seasoned corn flour coating, then quickly fried until nutty and crisp. Served with a drizzle of curry aioli) – $4

A full day of food sampled, with more trucks to explore. Dining at a food truck has become a staple in my life, wherever I find myself to be.

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