a feast of fresh pasta…

Every city has a special neighborhood where food is the main identifier. Being new to the city of Boston, and having a craving for fresh pasta, I was instructed to head to the North End. Narrow streets, lined with flower boxes on a perfect fall day, had me curious as to where I find the supplies to cook a hearty meal of pasta for my friends visiting from out-of-town. Luckily, without having to wander for too long, I stumbled upon the recently renovated Monica’s Mercato and Salumeria at 130 Salem Street.

monicas00monicas01bmonicas14Angel hair, and a fabulous selection of fettuccine – spinach, tomato and black squid-ink.monicas11An incredible assortment of freshly made ravioli: (left to right) pumpkin, chicken,  cheese,  spinach,  mushroom.monincas10bSpaghetti and ruote  – better known as wagon wheels.monicas13Eenie, meenie, minie, mo. An entire display case filled with freshly made pasta.

Top row: spinach fettuccine, tomato fettuccine, black squid-ink spaghetti, tomato spaghetti, spinach spaghetti, reginette
Middle row: spaghetti, linguini, ruote (wagon wheels), fettuccine
Bottom row: small conchiglie (shells), whole wheat ziti, bucatini, ziti, fusillimonicas12Mercato also offers homemade marina sauce, along with grated pecorino romano or parmigiano reggiano cheese, to accompany your fresh pasta.

Top row: capellini (angel hair) , spinach fettuccine, tomato fettuccine, black squid-ink spaghetti
Middle row: homemade sauces,  grated cheese, spaghetti, linguini
Bottom row: lasagna noodles, small conchiglie (shells), whole wheat zitimonicas06On the other side of the mercato, I discovered a healthy choice of house-made and imported salumi, a worldly display of cheese, along with prepared foods and other great Italian delicacies. They even sell their own pizza dough.monicas15My increasing hunger must have been increasingly noticeable to the shop owners because a young man behind the counter said to me, “You have to try the Italian sub.” Dinner was still hours away, therefore I couldn’t resist and watched the most incredibly delicious Italian sub – EVER – be assembled with prosciutto, mortadella, salami, provolone cheese, lettuce , tomato, onion , olive oil , balsamic vinegar and hot pepper spread.monicas04bmonicas02Sandwich consumed ravenously and intrigued by black squid-ink spaghetti, I then purchased two pounds and my mission was accomplished. Tonight, I will try this delicious recipe for my black squid-ink pasta from i am a food blog.

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