Local Pickins forages for food, everywhere. In your neighborhood, at your favorite vacation spot or even at an unknown destination, that you are visiting for the first time. Finding the freshest ingredients for you to bring home to your dinner table, or to share with family and friends, that are locally made, grown or raised. We want to share our discoveries and take you on a food adventure!


Our Staff

annieAnnie Hurd – CEO
Annie Hurd has spent her lifetime within the food industry, whether it be as a personal chef, overseeing a CEO’s private dining room, or managing a celebrity chef’s catering company. She loves shopping for food and discovering new food purveyors wherever she goes, in her hometown and on the road. Her vision for Local Pickins is for it to be the best and most reliable, resource for finding local food purveyors in the ever-expanding food marketplace, across the country. When not shopping for fresh ingredients, or cooking her favorite dishes, she tangos into the wee hours of the night!

lindsey Lindsey Strong – COO
Lindsey spent 15 years in financial management before her family relocated to London. Four years of European travel, and shopping daily for fresh ingredients that would fit in her European-sized fridge, sparked a passion for finding small shops in her neighborhood and discovering the endless options of street markets. She hopes to share that passion with others by helping them discover artisan food purveyors and markets through Local Pickins. When not cooking for her husband and three boys, she’s out walking her dog on the beach or planning her next excursion.

lanyaLanya Butler – Designer
Lanya Butler is a UI/UX designer and programmer with a passion for photography. She brings a wealth of tech skills to the Local Pickins team. Being a recent college graduate, Lanya shops for her own food by frequenting the farmers’ markets as she learns to cook for herself and friends. When not hunched over a computer coding or editing photographs, she enjoys aerial silks.


heatherbHeather Robb – Social Media / Communications Specialist
As a child, Heather was surrounded by delicious, home-made food. Her mom baked from scratch and dad grilled everything. They went on family road trips with the Weber strapped to the roof of the car. It makes sense that now with kids of her own, Heather hunts down the freshest tastiest food, tracking down new markets, small purveyors, and lip-smacking recipes to serve up to her family. After 20 years of promotion and marketing, she can’t help but share all those foodie tidbits with our friends in the Local Pickins community.




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